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Navigating the aftermath of a death of a loved one can be incredibly challenging. The last thing you want to consider is what their death means in legal terms. For the person named as Personal Representative or Executor of the deceased one’s estate, it can be especially overwhelming to handle these post-death affairs during a time of grief.

At Locklin, Saba, Locklin, & Jones, P.A., our primary goal is to support and guide you through the probate process and estate administration. 

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The distribution of assets is never an easy task, as it entails the transfer of property and therefore, all legal procedures must be followed. Our attorneys are licensed by the state to guide the executor or potential beneficiaries listed in a will through the process of settling the estate. We can provide key services such as identifying estate assets, oversight of estate debt payments, distribution and settlement of estate property, determination of inheritance taxes, retitling assets in beneficiaries’ names, ordering property appraisals, collecting life insurance policy proceeds, and more.  

You don’t have to go through probate alone. We will ensure that you meet all legal requirements while honoring the wishes of your deceased loved one.

Get in touch with our team of specialized attorneys today so that we can assist you in moving the process forward quickly and smoothly, while providing you with the legal support you need during this challenging time. 

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